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AWESOME biker dog on motorcycle waving at other bikers

AWESOME biker dog on motorcycle waving at other bikers

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This is the coolest dog you will ever see, sitting on a motorcycle waving at fellow bikers.


23 Replies to “AWESOME biker dog on motorcycle waving at other bikers”

  1. I got to teach my Shnauzer to wave. She likes riding because it means she gets to stop in the parks and pee in new places and get treats for it 😉

  2. Hey man. I want to make a video about Motorcyclists and dogs. Would be cool use this your video in my compilation video. I will give you full credit in my description and comments section!

  3. This is Sweetstheenglishbulldog , she is not a frenchy she is an English, she is a girl and so is her chauffeur aka her Mom. You can see more by searching her name here on YouTube , also Instagram and Facebook.
    She is riding on the tank which has a 2" memory foam pad for her comfort and no slipping. She is attached to her mom and they practice drop and roll ups once a month, which is a technique Mom created where should they go down she completely wraps herself around Sweets and they roll. They only ride late mornings when everyone is at work, on back roads near the house that are open and easy to see all around. And during the cooler months as Bully's don't take the heat very well. She has been riding since she was 10 wks and there's a video of that too.

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