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Backflipping A Bike Is No Joke! // Air Rec Session With Paul The Punter

Backflipping A Bike Is No Joke! // Air Rec Session With Paul The Punter

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Join me and Paul the Punter as we head to the Air Rec Center up in Maple Ridge, BC to progress in our dirt jumping skills. Even with all the time I’ve spent riding bikes, this was my first time riding a DJ bike and attempting proper dirt jumps. You’ll see me progress in my jump skills, feel more comfortable on the air bag, and see the most horrific attempt at a backflip and why I have no future in Red Bull JoyRide. Enjoy!

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25 Replies to “Backflipping A Bike Is No Joke! // Air Rec Session With Paul The Punter”

  1. After watching the footage back, I think Paul owes me an airbag jump – what do you guys think? Let him know below!

  2. Sorry to laugh… but that was really funny to watch!! glad there were no injuries for our entertainment. hahaha

  3. Transition BLT or PBJ would be the perfect DJ bike for you it would look amazing with the sentinel. I have a BLT and I love it

  4. Full send, balsy. Those airbags are great, but they still mess with your head so much.

    And yeah, Paul owes you a jump.

  5. I think a dirt jumper is a great idea. Personally I want one to help with my non-existent mtb skills. From here on out Paul is Peer Pressure Paul! Thanks for taking us to that cool ass place!

  6. Best..Thumbnail..Evar.. It looks like your head is so scared about what is happening, its trying to escape back into your body 😉

  7. Hey, everyone, I'm looking at building an indoor mounting bike park and what would people like more or prefer foam pit or airbag.

  8. The dirt jumps by civic stadium aren't too bad. I felt like I had to pedal a bunch just to clear them. Could have been the fact bike that the bike I was riding wasn't a dirt jumper.

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