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Brutal Clash Between Macron Police and Civilians

Brutal Clash Between Macron Police and Civilians

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26 Replies to “Brutal Clash Between Macron Police and Civilians”

  1. Yeah, the situation in france is though lately. I'm living in a small town of 13 000 people but we have even here yellow vest. In Paris the situation is terrible, people who are not protesting a terrified. At the beginning with my friend we were making fun of them, I personally thought that it would be a small demonstation for a day of like 1000 people? But It's not the case! Most of the cars on the street have those vest under the windshield to show the support to the cause. I heard that the media a lying to us saying that there is "only" 30 000 people protesting but in fact; there is more that 250 000 people. It's really violent, they are litteraly fighting.

  2. Cheetah All of you youtubers should be making a video decrying the cowardly behavior of the French police. There is a very high probability that the guy you saw hitting at that policeman or one of Macron's paid thugs, was an anarchist or paid opposition. I know they were breaking into stores and setting cars on fire. The police believe Macron is going to pay them all of the back wages he owes them. They have killed their own citizens. Ten of them beating on one elderly yellow vest. Killing a young mother. If you guys spoke out there is every chance you could make them see they are being judged by us all. You could make a real difference. Then there are the Muslims. It is very ignorant of them to not be out there helping. This has a lot to do with them and they know it. Dumb as a bag of rocks to not see that they are going to be in a world of hurt when the yellow vests win. I hear no Muslim Imams speaking up on this like – you take their money, live in their country, you have food when they have none and you live in housing they cannot afford and you don't help them get rid of the Jewish overlord Rothschild? Allah is not pleased, piss be upon him.

  3. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OVER HIGH PRICE GOV!!! Then take that to the Islams!!! for the charges of rape murder and taking all your taxes invasion!!!!

  4. Use Duck Duck GO. IT IS ALL OF FRANCE. The citizens all across the country have been blocking every road since this began. There has been no food on the shelves for I don't know how long. The citizens pay the highest tax of any country, cannot make it to the end of the month, and have to see illegal muslims living in houses in Paris that they will never be able to afford. They have to live way out of town and drive for a long time into Paris to work. All of the citizens of Westernized countries are sick of paying for illegals who are given things we cannot afford for ourselves. This is double in France. Look up how many NoGo zones there are in Paris. Pay attention and try to find a muslim in the yellow vests. You won't see any. What you have wrong Lil Cheetah is that you think all of these leaders are pushing these people on us innocently. They know exactly what they are doing and are doing it on purpose.

  5. The protestor clearly attacked the police. Not the other way around.

    This particular guy doesn't necessarily represent all of the protesters. Who have mostly been peaceful.

  6. French have more balls than Americans and Australians.We need yellow vests in Australia pronto! Enough importing scum rapefugees and taxing hard working people!

  7. Lil you truly warrior -this is your Hero journey -maybe it still is hope -alas on us we give away everything we care for

  8. Trump is betraying us and handing us to the wolves. You know who the wolves are ?? (Jews) and what’s happening in France is gonna happen in America asap

  9. L'amérique vous regarde et est solidaire avec votre cause!
    C'est ce qui nous attend aux Etats-Unis et c'est ce qu'il arriverait aussi au Canada si les Canadiens avaient des couilles!

  10. Last round of Gilet Jaunes videos mostly thumbs down and Europeans outside of France in the comments parroting local mainstream news claiming “oh its just isolated protests – wont last long etc” Umm yeah, look at the pinned tweet from the French girl now. Also this isnt just in Paris, it happens in many cities across France, the footage of the fires is from a much smaller city called Caen. Yellowvest protest have spread to many European countries, they just arent violent in those places…yet. The yellow vests are done with globalism. If you havent yet, time to wake the F up and toss on a #giletjaune!!!

  11. This is already a civil war but Macron doesn't care he is just travelling around the world living behind his grandma wife to deal with it, so sad! Macron is a Rothchild puppet! Frenchie's learned their lesson's so well, VOTE WISELY!!! Don't easily believe to every politician that they are for people and by the people, CHOOSE WISELY!!!

  12. europes problem right now is right populism. there's no leftist propaganda. i live in europe and media covers that pretty good. what's a problem in america as well, is the whole fake news stuff and trump. no leftist problem right now. and disappering of a middle class is not a result of left politics.

  13. I am from France. This man beating the police officer, is a professional boxer. He's been fired from the french boxing federation, then he can't fight. Plus he's been thrown in jail. But look at what police is doing to people : and les Gilets jaunes destroying a door of a Minister ! I know France, it is the first time I've seen a protest without any corporation flag, it's a pure popular action, and the most important thing is that it is lasting, 2 months now !!! in many cities, and getting more agressive, that long nerver happened.
    Plus many people put a gilet jaune inside of their car, so when you drive you see so many people supporting les gilets jaunes. It's the first time we don't see antifas or thugs, but straight workers, fathers, etc.
    I can tell you that what I think about it is that it is a white reaction. The things about taxes etc are just a political correctness tha embed the real essential and meaning reason that France is getting arab, black, islamist : very few browns in the gilets jaunes, they didn't join at all, they take the welfare and let the whites support their abuse of the economy. Les gilets jaunes is a White movement. I hope not the last.

  14. Glad to see France is fighting back against the establishment. Macron needs to be gone and I hope they don't stop until they achieve that and then hopefully other countries will follow suit and get rid of their parasitic leaders. We need that here in Canada, this Trudeau will lead Canada into the exact same spot that France is in right now. It's time the people took back their countries and their freedoms and rights.

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