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Hollywood Racks Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2018 Toyota RAV4 –

Hollywood Racks  Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2018 Toyota RAV4 -

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Full transcript:
Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Toyota RAV4, we’re going to be doing a test fit for the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Se2 platform-type bike rack for electric fat bikes. That’s part number HR1455E. So, I’ve already got it loaded up on my RAV4 as you can see, and not only is it going to be great for eclectic fat bike, it’s going to be great for standard fat bikes, standard electric bikes, really any bike you want to carry on this bike rack. Its heavy duty construction allows it to carry bikes up to 80 pounds per bike.One of my favorite features is it has the ability to hold away from our vehicle with all that weight so we can access to our rear hatch. And the way you do that is we’re going to pull out on this safety pin here first. Now to make it easy to remove, it’s a good idea to lift up on the bike rack so you can easily slide it out.

Then we’re going to pull out on the pin here, and then lower it down until it rests. We’ll open up that rear hatch. And as you can see, it’s going to come up and make contact, but what you can actually do is pull out slightly on the handlebar, and we can get full access to our cargo area to remove any cargo gear, groceries, anything we might have with us on our trip. And to close it up, we’ll do that same thing. And then we’ll want to pick it back up into position.

We’ll do that from the rear until it snaps into place. And then we can remember our safety pin. Same thing here, lift up on the end of the back rack, slide that through, and then put your clip in place.Now it holds our bikes with the rubber coated frame hook. Puts down pressure on our top tube into the front and rear cradles, and then we’ve got hook and loop straps to further secure our bikes. Let’s go ahead and take our bikes off.

We’ll start with those wheel straps, raise up our hook, and then we’ll do the same for our second bike. Now what I like to do is go ahead and replace all those straps, that way they’re not flying around, and we won’t damage them. And then we’ll grab a few measurements.Overall, we’ve added about 28 inches to our RAV4. For our closest point, it’s going to be about six and a half inches here. And then at the very back, we’re looking at about 17 1/2 inches.

Now another great thing is that our center mast does fold down to the right, and we can again get into our rear hatch. We’ll pull out the pin here, rotate it down, put that back in, and as you can see, without our bikes loaded and that lowered down to the side, we can remove anything out of the back.Now it also has the ability to fold up against our RAV4 for compact storage. This would be ideal for pulling in your garage or a tight spot. We’re going to use the pin up top here, raise it up until it snaps in. Let’s grab those measurements again. And it looks like our first contact’s going to be here, six and a half inches away from our bumper. And overall, we’ve added about 14 inches with it folded up. And our ground clearance is going be about 10 1/2 inches here.Now this is going to work with your two inch by two inch receivers only. The pin and lock is included. The nice thing about the lock is that no one’s going to be able to remove your bike rack from your hitch. Once the pin hole are aligned, the pin goes through. We make our way back here to the anti-rattle lever. This tightens up, and it’s gonna remove all that play and rattle within our receiver tube and our bike rack to make it a nice solid ride for our bikes.So that’s going to complete our test fit on the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Se2 platform-style bike rack for electric fat bikes, part number HR1455E on our 2018 Toyota RAV4.

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Thule Trunk Bike Racks Review – 2016 Jeep Compass –

Thule  Trunk Bike Racks Review - 2016 Jeep Compass -

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Full transcript:
Today on our 2016 G Compass we doing a test fit of the Thule Gateway XT two bike carrier. That part number is TH9006XT. Seen there we have a bike on our bike rack let’s show you folks a few features as we get started here. How our bike is sailed up, we have three straps. Two up top and anti-sway strap at the side. So how we would do is, take off the two straps at top, take off the anti-sway strap. There we go, we remove our bike. If you we’re to load your bike you would do the anti-sway strap first then your two straps on top. Please always just as a reminder, please replace your straps so that they don’t get damaged or lost.

So we do that first. There we go. Now this particular bike rack is a trunk mounted bike rack. See that we have it on the back of our vehicle. Now to hold this down we have six straps with hooks that have plastic coatings so it won’t damage your vehicle. We have two up top.

On on this side and one on this side and we have two under our door here. Two under our hatch door. Like I say to loosen them and tighten them on the top here, we have a rubber here that we press in and actually loosen it and if you need to tighten it we just need to pull it up like so and that also goes on to the side here. This hook here and this hook here are actually together so when you tighten this up you pretty much pull it, it tightens this and also like so if you want to loosen it just push it up and tighten it like I say. Just pull on it up like so. This bike rack also comes with protection from your window and your vehicle with two soft rubber soles. Help you so you won’t damage your window here or it won’t scratch your vehicle here down here under the licence plate. These do come with adjustable arms and how that happens is you pull it out here and then we going to loosen them a little bit, mess with it a little bit and we can move it up and down like so.

If you in a parking spot you need to bring them down. There you go. If you not you can bring them back up to the position. Tighten it a little bit in our position and all we do is clamp it down. Now we can hit the road. That would be it for our test fit of the Thule Gateway XT two bike rack.

Part number is TH9006XT on today’s 2016 G Compass. Let’s see how it does on our test course. Here it is on our test course. First is the slalom area which simulates side to side action like turning the corners or evasive maneuvers. Next are the alternate speed bumps which show you twisting action like hitting a pothole, road debris or hitting a curb. Finally we at the solid speed bumps which show you up and down action to simulate a parking garage or coming out your driveway.

Massoorie VLog With Life Partner | 300km Bike Ride | Helping Biker VLogs

Massoorie VLog With Life Partner | 300km Bike Ride | Helping Biker VLogs

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Massoorie is a hill station in Uttarakhand India, it’s a small place where you find some tourist places like- Mall road, Kempty Fall, Compny Garden, Hill Top, Ropeway and many more.

well I started my journey from my hometown Deoband.
I rode my bike on the curves and very high and zigzag roads and covered almost 300km..

I had a good experience while riding in mountains.
#massoorie #dehradun #uttarakhand

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Best & Cheap Mobile Holder and Charger for All Bikes

Best & Cheap Mobile Holder and Charger for All Bikes

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Yamaha New Bike under 20000

Yamaha New Bike under 20000

Views:8729|Rating:4.13|View Time:2:1Minutes|Likes:62|Dislikes:13
Yamaha RX 100
Launch Expected in June

Expected Price 16000/-

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Pregnant Fashion Nova TRY-ON & REVIEW -MINI mini HAUL

Pregnant Fashion Nova TRY-ON & REVIEW -MINI mini HAUL

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My pregnant ass trying on my new romper and jumper from Fashion Nova! Thought it would be helpful if anyone else is interested in knowing how their clothes works for maternity wear!

Hope it helps!
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