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Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. 409]

Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. 409]

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New – 409th episode of Crazy People vs Bikers 2018

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32 Replies to “Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. 409]”

  1. 5:51 i am a cyclist but i cant stand cyclists in UK, why dont they use the freaking footpath? UK got really nice footpaths to ride bicycles on but those fookers dont like using the footpaths.

  2. Many thanks for posting. Videos of this type press home the fact that all bikers should anticipate and expect such antics from fellow road users. The risk factors associated with filtering and excess speed are also well represented. Ride safe and defensively.

  3. Bikers complaining while flying through traffic left and right… and is everything allowed in the UK? They are allowed overtake on turning lanes, crossing chevrons etc?

  4. LA GSXR 4:30 traffic was flowing well enoughthat you shouldn't have been filtering, so that when you passed on the left near to parked vehicles that someone small could have stepped out from behind you were travelling way too fast. Car was right to honk a warning.

  5. bike & mobility scooter incident not entirely the bike riders fault, if you are in a vehicle letting somebody, adult, disabled, or child cross in front of you and that person can not see, nor be seen, over or past your vehicle, and they get hit emerging into the path of traffic, then you are in part responsible

  6. Хуль ты гудишь сука!!!! Пидарасы вы там все… безмозглые..кто вам на мотоцикле разрешил ездить суки. Гудок вам в жопу!

  7. Biker and the older man. Biker at fault. A bit too fast etc. But good attitude from him and the older man to just let it go once they checked on each other

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