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FMST: Bike Belt Install

FMST: Bike Belt Install

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Shows how to properly and simply install a drive belt on a FreeMotion Fitness Recumbent Bike; use the same method for upright bikes, as well the light commercial models.

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  1. Great elliptical>>> Very easy to put together and start to use. Tablet holder is a great feature. Programs leave a little to be desired but I'm sure if I was using ifit there would be more options. It is very tall though so I recommend only buying if you have vaulted ceilings. Also, don't expect much out of the integrated fan, it's pretty wimpy. Definitely happy with purchase!

  2. hi sir, my muscle power recumbent bike is not working when peddling. I opened it and found out that the thread/belt got broken. I want to replace it, do you know what size or instruct me how to do it? your help will means a lot. we are using it for therapy. I can't find technician to do it. btw, from Philippines here. thanks a bunch

  3. I have been trying to adjust the drive belt on my Freemotion model sfex13812 for a few weeks and can't remove the shroud, despite emailing your customer service, the videos they sent didn't help. I bought a socket wrench and crank puller and still can't get the arm off in order to remove the shroud and adjust the belt.
    1. How do i remove the shroud so I can adjust the drive belt?
    2. Also, if I need to hire a professional to come fix my bike, if the drive belt needs to be replaced, what is the part number for my model and where do I order the correct drive belt?
    3. I hope you will be able to help me make this simple adjustment. If I need to hire an expensive maintenance service person, where can I find one who will be familiar with this model and your products?

  4. I am watching these repair videos so I can figure out how to safely remove the shroud to place a speed sensor on my recumbent stationary bike. If anyone has any suggestions on placing a speed sensor on a stationary recumbent, please advise! Thank you. Oh, and thank you for this video!

  5. i have a different machine, but I find the cable came off all of a sudden, got it on again tends to last 20mins an comes off again everytime I replace.

  6. I already install a new one belt. But, when i try it on, its sometime loose, sometime ok. What wrong with my upright bike. Pls help me.

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