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Funny – crazy women doesn’t like builders working in the morning

Funny - crazy women doesn’t like builders working in the morning

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43 Replies to “Funny – crazy women doesn’t like builders working in the morning”

  1. What time was it? I understand but she seem a bit too much angry. At sundays people can work at 09, but maybe not start the loudest machines they have til 11 maybe.

  2. Uh oh! She drew the “my (insert family member name) is a lawyer/attorney and you’re getting sued/going to jail” card

  3. If you’re working at stupid o’clock in the morning on a Sunday, when most people want a lie in and to relax, she has a fair point. She was a bit arrogant about it in her approach, but she has a point. Especially if you’ve been working on the building early in the morning the whole rest of the week. I wouldn’t be happy if my Sunday off was disturbed by builders making a racket that early in the morning.

  4. "don't you have anything better to do"
    Nibba they're literally working outside on a Sunday to earn money I doubt that they reeeeally wanna be there that much

  5. Funny. But you do not mess with a man at work, he is making a living for himself, and his family. I gave it thumbs up, and subscribed.

  6. No they are being disrespectful, by law you are not allowed to do building work on a Sunday.
    Edit: yh actually I changed my mind.

  7. Wow "you are not gonna tell me what to do, i'll tell YOU what to do" just for that sentence i'd jump down and slap her bitch ass mouth, what? Just because you have degree and sit in fancy office you think you are better then anyone else?

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