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Hidden in America | Motorcycle Gangs & Fight Clubs | Full Documentary

Hidden in America | Motorcycle Gangs & Fight Clubs | Full Documentary

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Saddle up on your steel horse and blast down the highway into the world of The Mongols Motor Club with HIDDEN in AMERICA. From backyard brawls in Silicon Valley to kung-fu battles in the backstreets of the Bronx, Hidden in America investigates the codes and core values of America’s Underground Fight Clubs.

42 Replies to “Hidden in America | Motorcycle Gangs & Fight Clubs | Full Documentary”

  1. Apologies for the Sound Issues! The files are already bounced down an un-editable! Sadly we don't have access to the original source files. (the best we can recommend is to try to watch with headphones)

  2. Send these low life's back to Mongolia. The only thing they'll be riding over there are donkeys. You don't want to assimilate? You wanna be that obnoxious 1%? If so, back to Mongolia!!!

  3. I'm like 2 minutes into the second half and I already get the vibe of Meatloaf in Fight Club. We really gonna go from real shit to nerds throwing weak haymakers in an effort to toughen up? lol

  4. Biker gangs and the governments military are no different from each other! they both give you patches when you kill someone and even call u a hero when you kill for the government! but they dont send you to jail. But the fact remains you still killed someone regardless of what they tell and you, you are the one who has to deal with what you have done! When you kill someone you kill apart of yourself! The people at the top just dont want to do the dirty work themselves so they get you to do it for them and they give u a patch to make you feel better about the bad you have done! makes a lot sense if you are dumb enough to kill someone! Obama says you are a hero oh great excellent i just killed someone for him! and they told me i am fighting for my country so i have to believe that is true now! yes sir thank you i feel better now i did it for my country! its like putting a band aid on your heart!

  5. You will always find a bunch of individuals that didn't achieve anything in life except for signing up to a gang. They have achieved nothing except for the group mentality 'authority' that being in a MC brings. 'Don't mess with me because I will bring my 500 brothers to beat you up' Losers.

  6. that stupid atf officer is stating that the mongil boss hands out patches for his guys killing people etc well mr atf officer if you look at your government they also hand out patches for your military guys that kill people what the fucken difference mate your government are doing it so why cant the mongils or anybody else!???? asshole!

  7. come on guys fighting over territory thats what animals do! surely u guys are a bit more evolved than that! u are fighting over nothing man! the governments are the enemy and u guys are fighting over who rides on the roads and you want to b free!?? come on! u r all free to ride wherever u want!

  8. exactly i thought america was a free country!!??? obviously not so many laws for everything in america, freedom in america is a lie! the real enemy of the people are the governments of the world!

  9. yeah the brotherhood and standing up for each other is very cool i like that very much! its a shame if there is violence unfortunately otherwise i would want to be a member!

  10. u have guys who think they are fighting for there country because of the propoganda the US gov puts out people die in there wars and then when they come back from those wars the get discarded, then you see what the government really thinks of you! they could give a shit but they conned u into thinking that u are fighting for your country meantime its bullshit u are fighting for there personal agendas! so i think its good that these guys form there own gangs the only problem is we must not fight each other and other gangs we must fight the governments of the world as one! they are the real enemy dont fight each other otherwise the governments of the world are laughing at us because they dont have to do anything we are killing each other and they are laughing! with there feet up on the porch! the real problem are the governments of the world they are one big family!!!!!! hello i hope u all heard that because its the truth think about it!!!!!

  11. I've been riding and working on Harleys since 1972. I bought Myrtle in 1979, and she is still my primary transportation. I think I have a sort of a right to throw my two cents in here. You, and the media make us out to be criminals and murderers. Fuck You. I see no mention about the fact that a large percentage of us are military veterans, looking for that "team feeling" of trust and brotherhood.( I did not have the honor to serve) The bike life is about so much more than what a rub like you sees. A Brother will do whatever it takes when asked, then drink all the beer in your refrigerator. Cut the crap. Fake don't look good on you. Nuff said.

  12. If you would have shut the stupid fucking background music the fuck up we could fucking hear the fucking guy speak about the gang you fucking piece of shit ass sucking editor fuck

  13. who the heck did the subtitles for this video they are diabolical for example since wen is a "hammer" a "hamburger" or since when is a annual "get together" a annual "debt"

  14. Mc's are no worse than the bullshit cops that will kill you , if you just have a weapon. Alot of pussies tryen to rule this world. But its collapsing and soon only the strong shall survive. To many liberals tryen to make me abide by their bullshit laws. Anarchy is on it's way.

  15. Didnt finish. Have met many different clubs. Bikers are people a family. Take the leather patches n bikes away. And they are people. You mess with any family. A family protects and there for each other. Clubs are family. I have shown nothing but respect for clubs/bikers. Guess what they have always shown respect. Dont believe me. Go out find a biker and look past the looks or the hear say about them. And you will find good people.

  16. Cops are the biggest threat than any other gang in America almost every day you hear they killed someone and it’s justified and no one says anything yet when a gang/club kills someone it’s the most nasty thing in the world. Well that’s how they make it sound

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  18. Been in lots of seedy bars, I like em, seen tons of bikers. But this
    one time, at a bar in Asheville, NC, I met a guy that stands the hairs
    up on the back of your neck. He was nice to me, talked to me a bit, but
    you know the feeling you get when a guy is being nice almost by force
    of will? Or he's being friendly just because he can, and not for much
    other reason? That was this guy, and I picked up on it immediately. He was smooth and cultish, very casual in his power.
    Not a big guy, but unmistakably a leader, THE leader, and all I was
    thinking as he decided to give me his attention by talking to me was
    that I needed to be nice, end the conversation, and GO AWAY.

  19. They are NOT a danger to society. Respect them and they will respect you. They are regular dudes who like to ride bikes. The cops simply fuck with these people. There are cops involved in criminal activity too.

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