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How To Replace Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

How To Replace Washing Machine Carbon Brushes

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If your washing machine drum has stopped turning then it could be the carbon brushes that need replacing. This video will show you how to do that. For replacement carbon brushes visit our website:

19 Replies to “How To Replace Washing Machine Carbon Brushes”

  1. Thank you so much… Along with this video, an inexpensive part saved my rather expensive washing machine. I also did it without pulling the motor out. Tricky but pulled it off. Here's to having a go! Cheers

  2. Many thanks for this – an excellent "how-to". With this I was easily able to replace the brushes on my 10 year old Bosch Maxx washing machine (first time it's needed anything doing).
    One tip – I found that putting a wooden kebab stick down through the spring stopped it spilling out.
    I got genuine Bosch brushes, which are angled – a friend commented that he'd had a repairman fix his machine, but he had used generic brushes (half the price) with a straight edge – had commented that they'd be good for 5 years. On that basis I'd cheerfully continue to stick to using genuine replacement parts to get the full lifetime.

  3. If the symptoms began after an excessively heavy load of towels, it it worth trying to replace the brushes or is it more likely that the motor has burned out?

  4. i have a bosch wae28468/14 with error F21(brushes,motor or main control brd)Brushes are fine. commutator sooted slightly but now clean,not much motor has 7 connectors which i think are 1-2 sensor3-4 brushes, 5,6,7 windings.across 1-2 i get 7 ohms, on 3-4 i get 23ohms static or 0-23ohms when turning spindle and approx 2-3 ohms across 5-6,5-7,6-7.
    I tried several times to reset the error but was unable, so took the front cover off and tried the reset procedure pressing directly on the spring/switch which worked first time. i put back together and put a wash on which worked fine for 30 mins into the program then the machine stopped again on error F21, do you think this could be the main control board or motor problem.
    do you have a main control brd – BSH 5560 009 098

  5. Hi,hoping somebody can help,i have the indesit widl146,it has stopped working,but the light still works,if i put it on spin or rinse ,the light is on for what the machine should be doing,earlier after being switched off for an hour,it started working again,all good until it got to the rinse stage,it then just stopped,now it just doesn't work,the door lock works,i was about to order carbon brushes,but read the machine would still fill and empty if it was the brushes,thanks

  6. Hi, great videos!! I've taken the back off & the belt seems fine. I've not taken the motor off yet. I just want to ask: I put the machine on just a 'spin cycle' to test it, there's 'working noise' coming from the motor but no spin occurs. Could this be the brushes? Thanks

  7. Hello, i have a Normende washing machine and it has two brushes? do you think id have to hire someone or is it a fairly manageable job? also the screws are soldered into the back of the washing machine, so if the bearings or drum go i couldnt get to it.

  8. Excellent video. What screwdriver do I need to remove the motor? Are those torx screws as well?
    Is it possible to change brushes without moving the motor on Bosch Exxcel 1200 WF02464GB?
    Thank you.

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