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MC 13 PATCH – Busting The Myths Surrounding It’s History & Meaning

MC 13 PATCH - Busting The Myths Surrounding It's History & Meaning

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MC 13 PATCH – Busting The Myths Surrounding It’s History & Meaning.

What does a “DIAMOND 13” patch really mean –

Moonshiners 13 Motorcycle Club –


INTRO VIDEO AND MUSIC made and performed exclusively for this channel by Harley Hanson.

28 Replies to “MC 13 PATCH – Busting The Myths Surrounding It’s History & Meaning”

  1. I was at a rally once and a woman asked a local club member what the 13 patch meant. Without missing a beat he replied "Manly". She giggled,, he cracked a smile and now they are together still after 14 years.

  2. My last racing number (motorcycle road racing) was 13. I'd bought it from a fellow racer for a beer.
    When I retired I sold it to another for a six pack.

    I'd never dream of sewing a 13 patch on my street jacket though. That could prove unlucky. Heh.

  3. For me, #13 represents Freya (your spelling may vary) -<grin> Thanks, Dibbs. It's a sad state of affairs when we have to spoon feed the younger generation like you're doing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dibber, you missed one important point: In Biblical numerology, the number 13 represents rebellion. Personally, I have a "13" patch in black and red which represents rebellion against Satan and his kingdom. Last summer I had a face to face with the president, sergeant at arms, and 2 patched members of a club who wore the 13 patch and I explained it to them. They'd never herd that before but agreed whole heartedly with me. Case closed.

  5. The 13th letter of the alphabet is M and M is the 1st letter in the word motorcycle so i thought this is what the 13 patch was ,but nope wrong 🙂

  6. hi Dibber i have a '13' patch but it's not a diamond patch -just a 1 and a 3 and i wear it because it's part of my d.o.b and because people have a superstitious fear of has nothing to do with any AMA association for it against 1% privilege to wear one?i watched the link you posted about it and it didn't mention any 'rules' towards wearing one.peace man

  7. Would you say the bigger clubs like HA and Outlaws are doing what the AMA tried to do by wanting to control what clubs are in their area etc, I'm asking as the 1% patch to me means living by your own rules and being free but by saying you can't start a club unless it does through tau is going against that core belief.

  8. Another great video Dibber, just a thought…I always wondered whether it signified the original 13 members of one of the oldest MC's that were present at the Hollister event? H&R

  9. Cheers Dibber as always cutting the bull and the shit from the truth… one thing though in your opinion is it fair to say that over the years some us have re-appropriated the 1 and the 3 in different ways as in some people see it as a for sale sign for Well you know ;o) H&R as always p.s good to see you looking well mate hope your feeling it too!

  10. Why do you see some people wearing both a 1% patch/diamond and a 13 patch/diamond if they both mean the same thing? I was one who misunderstood the 13 patch as well, thanks for your video.

  11. Well done for making this vid Sir.
    I do get fed up with people saying "oh that means he's a killer" or that means he sold his soul to satan!!

  12. Very informative as always Dibber, have to admit I have heard of mother chapters using it to distinguish themselves and obviously all the bollocks the police would have you Believe. But I never knew it was the predecessor of the 1% diamond. Learn something knew every day as they say H&R

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