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Only Bikers Can Understand | Being a Rider

Only Bikers Can Understand | Being a Rider

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Part 2 –

Here are some memes for the bikers out there..
The things which i found funny and worth sharing. Hope u’ll like it.

Ride safe n have an awesome day.


38 Replies to “Only Bikers Can Understand | Being a Rider”

  1. umm, im not a bicker… but i understood all of them, except exactly 3.. i must be a genius. tnx for hellping me find this out.

  2. Stopped in several seconds because of the fucking terrible music. I ride bikes myself, was up for a laugh but noooooo! to the non-music!

  3. If u are guy riding pillion, just sit straight and keep yr hands on yr back, even if u fall off somewhere. If u are girl, just lean over as much as u can and grab on tightly, safety first baby.

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