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Shane’s Last Ride

Shane's Last Ride

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This film is dedicated to Shane Ashlin beloved Son, brother, husband, Boss, Rebel MC member, Racing adversary and mate too many


(Howell Automotive)
(Rebels MC)
(Ashlin Motor Sport)

41 Replies to “Shane’s Last Ride”

  1. another young one gone to soon… prayers to family and friends.. god speed bro till we meet again mate!

  2. From ryan in norwich Connecticut u.s.a. my heart breaks for all the family members friends and brotherhood of the rebels m.c. my heart goes out to you and serious condolences for the wife and child of Shane. I couldnt imagine my children growing up without me and it must of hurt to watch your son touch that casket. All the best. Rebels keep on Riding and always remember .u.s.a love.

  3. There is an old saying “Respect is earned it is never freely given” This guy must have earned a hell of a lot of respect in his lifetime not only from his friends and family but from his Brothers too, He was given a truly wonderful send off by his Brothers on his last run, I should imagine his wake was epic and I hope the bar was dry with not a drop left to drink.

  4. Always fills me with joy when I get on a bike….people who don’t get it never will…..I have over the years lost close and not so close mates to accidents……but we have that one thing that binds us….a love for riding simple…respect from England…

  5. Ride in paradise brother!! This is amazing! If you even get half the send of that this fella got then you've done more than okay for yourself! Must have been a real top man to have so many folk out!

  6. Rip Shane , I don't know you or any of your friends but it seems like they know what you wanted after your death. Thumbs up for everyone who helped out

  7. What a great send off.. They did him proud.. Combinations aren't too easy to ride… RIP from UK from ex MC member due to ill health.. Holy shit 7:20 when the toddler touches the coffin.. Does he know what it's all about and what is going on..? He is very young still? Lump in throat time, I don't mind admitting.. 19:10 onwards amazing motors.. (cars).

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